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From the East

Matthew Mason - Worshipful Master 

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Welcome to March, Brethren.





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From the West

Joseph Wallach - Senior Warden  

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Greetings, Brethren.


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From the South

William Workman - Junior Warden  

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Greetings, Brethren. 



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Special Announcement

Please join us as we honor

Worshipful Francisco Marques, PM

with the presentation of the


2024 Hiram Award


The Hiram Award is the highest Masonic Honor which can be bestowed upon a Brother who has unselfishly given his time, talents, and energy for the betterment of his Lodge and Freemasonry. It is awarded following many years of devoted service.


Every Lodge has such members.


They are the living cement that binds our Fraternity into a true Brotherhood. You will find them at labor in the coaching rooms and committees – often “behind-the-scenes” – anywhere where a true and steady hand of assistance is needed. 

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Saturday, May the 4th

Hiram Award Ceremony at 11:00 AM

(Lodge Room)

Followed by Luncheon

Prime Rib, Chicken Cordon Bleu, or Vegetarian

(Banquet Room)

Bossa Nova (Live Music)

Sacramento Masonic Temple


Reservations are required for the Reception

Cost: FREE

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• 05 Monthly Executive Committee Meeting (Zoom) Tuesday 06:30 PM

• 07 Monthly Stated Meeting Dinner (Banquet Room) Thursday 06:00 PM

• 07 Monthly Stated Meeting - Past Masters Night (LR1) Thursday 07:30 PM

• 14 Annual Bowling with Brothers (Country Club Lanes) Thursday 06:30 PM

• 20 Officers School of Instruction (LR3) Wednesday 07:00 PM

       (Third Degree, First Section, Long Form Closing)

• 21 Degree Practice (LR1) Thursday 06:30 PM

• 28 First Degree - Mr. Joshua Christopher Valentin (LR1) Thursday 06:00 PM


• 02 Monthly Executive Committee Meeting (Zoom) Tuesday 06:30 PM 

• 04 Monthly Stated Meeting Dinner (Banquet Room) Thursday 06:00 PM

• 04 Monthly Stated Meeting (LR1) Thursday 07:30 PM 

• 11 Degree Practice (LR1) Thursday 06:30 PM

• 17 Officers School of Instruction (LR3) Wednesday 07:00 PM

       (Second Degree, Second Section)

• 18 DARK Thursday

​• 25 Degree Practice or Degree (LR1) Thursday 06:30 PM 

• 30 Monthly Executive Committee Meeting (Zoom) Tuesday 06:30 PM




  • 07 Ronald Forsberg (Master Mason)

  • 11 Jared Bishop (Entered Apprentice)

  • 12 James Keehner (Master Mason)

  • 12 Peter Petersen (Master Mason)

  • 13 Heath Hamm (Master Mason)

  • 16 Alexander Chompff (Master Mason)

  • 17 Patrick Fischer (Master Mason)

  • 17 Melvin Pinsler (Master Mason)

  • 18 Daniel Mosier (Fellow Craft)

  • 18 Jeffrey Hardiman (Past Master)

  • 20 Ko Chang (Master Mason)

  • 23 Robert Hovorka Jr. (Master Mason)

  • 23 William Workman (Junior Warden)

  • 24 Ivan Flowers (Entered Apprentice)

  • 24 George Morrow (Master Mason)

  • 25 Michael Mc Glone (Master Mason)

  • 26 Fred Bloom (Master Mason)

  • 26 Paul Evans (Master Mason)

  • 28 John Petersen (Past Master)

  • 28 Gerald Singer (Master Mason)

  • 30 Juan Faranda (Past Master)

  • 30 Eric Van Houten (Master Mason)

  • 30 Christian Wheeler (Master Mason)



  • 08 John Knox (Past Master) (34 Years)

  • 10 Edward Hardman (36 Years)

  • 14 Lucas Zeiher (11 Years)

  • 15 James Ramey (27 Years)

  • 16 Russell Tomas (Past Master) (7 Years)

  • 17 Robert Cole (73 Years)

  • 20 John Petersen (Past Master) (44 Years)

  • 20 Christopher Boothe (10 Years)

  • 21 Kyle Campbell (5 Years)

  • 22 Kelvin Mark (17 Years)

  • 22 John Otten (62 Years)

  • 23 Marcus Bole (18 Years)

  • 23 Arthur Henrikson ( Years)

  • 27 Scott Germer ( Years)

  • 28 Matthew Mason (Worshipful Master) (5 Years)

  • 28 Bradley Mitchell (28 Years)

  • 29 Derek Waterman (12 Years)

  • 31 Christopher Hamilton (Marshal) (6 Years)

  • 31 Ryan Gooch (6 Years)

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Washington Lodge No. 20 F. & A. M. 

Mission Statement
To practice and promote a way of life that binds like-minded men in a worldwide 
brotherhood that transcends all religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational differences. 

Through Masonic principles and tradition, and by the outward expression of these 
through its fellowship and compassion, Washington Lodge No.20 Free & Accepted Masons provides ways in which to serve God, family, country, neighbors, and self in an environment that contributes to the enrichment and betterment of its members, mankind, and its communities. 

Making Good Men Better by Carl W. Davis.jpg

Making Good Men Better

A 52-Week Personal Growth Plan Based on the Teachings of Freemasonry

by Carl W. Davis

Book recommendation by Brother Kevin R. Hall

(Masonic Education Committee)

This book is an accessible and succinct devotional for Freemasons and those who are curious about the Craft.


Each week Davis invites the reader to explore a new symbolic lesson taken directly from the teachings of masonic ritual through his down-to-earth explanations, anecdotes, and reflections.


Part devotional and part journal, each week’s section includes space for the readers to note their own thoughts about the topic at hand, making this an immensely practical tool for the new or seasoned speculative Mason who wants to delve deeper into the teachings of this ancient fraternity.


Carl W. Davis was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Peru-Miami Lodge No. 67 F.& A.M. in Peru, Indiana. 

He served as Master of that Lodge in 2005. In 2008, he moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he joined Hesperia Lodge No. 411 A.F. & A.M. In 2015, he relocated to North Carolina, where he joined The Lodge of the Nine Sisters No. 773 A.F. & A.M. in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

He is also an honorary member of Naphtali Lodge No. 389 in Center, Indiana, and a 32nd Degree member of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis.

​ISBN : 978-0-578-63356-5

Purchase Book

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Washington Lodge No. 20 F. & A. M.
2024 Officers

Matthew Mason
Worshipful Master

Joseph Wallach

Senior Warden

William Workman

Junior Warden

Eric Hixson (PM)


Francisco Marques (PM)


Ramey Packer


Brandon Jenkins

Senior Deacon

Kevin Hall

Junior Deacon

Christopher Hamilton


Nicholas Johnston

Junior Steward

James Dimmitt



Martin Buff


Mauro Lara (PM)

Junior Past Master

D. Edward Entrican (PM)

Treasurer Emeritus

Jared Yoshiki (PM)

Officers' Coach

Joseph Dongo (PM)

Head Candidates' Coach

David Lagala (PM)

Inspector 414th Masonic District

Brandon Jenkins

Hall Association Board Director

Past Masters (1852-2023)

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