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July 2023

From the East

Mauro Lara - Worshipful Master 

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Hello, Brethren, Family, and Friends.

Well, as most news programs typically start by talking about the weather, I’ll continue in that same tradition. It is hard to believe that we are now in summer. By this time last year, our area in the Sacramento Valley experienced 14 days of over 95 degrees weather in June, of which 11 days were well over 100 degrees. Is it me, or do we seem to be having a milder start to the summer season? In either case, enjoy the good weather as we enter our annual patriotic celebrations commemorating the 247th anniversary of our country. More a little later.


Currently, I’ll highlight upcoming events and activities in the near term.




Above and beyond the 4th of July celebrations, there are some activities that our Lodge is looking forward to.


As I have mentioned in various articles, we are most honored to be celebrating a reception for our very own Worshipful Joseph Dongo (PM) in recognition of his service this Masonic year as Grand Standard Bearer. We aren’t often blessed with having a Brother from our Lodge serve as a Grand Officer. Few are more involved and well positioned for the Office than Worshipful Dongo, and very much deserving of recognition by our Lodge. Please join us in his honor at the dinner and program that will be held on July 20, with dinner at 6:00 pm and the program at 7:00 pm in the ballroom on the third floor. Grand Lodge officers are attending including the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Randy Brill. See you there.


On July 29, 2023, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, we will be hosting a Ladies' Luncheon at our Club Room on the third floor that will comprise Bingo and Wine Tasting. This is, once again, to honor our ladies and to thank them for their support of our Fraternity and our time commitments to the Lodge. I know our activities and events take us away from time at home and we want to recognize our ladies for that encouragement. The lunch will be simple, pizza, but this will be a most interesting combination with the wine tasting. Please join us, like the last Ladies' Luncheon. This promises to be a lot of fun. 




On August 12, our Annual Family BBQ Picnic will be held at Ben Ali Shrine. It is scheduled to start at noon with great fellowship and fun games. Be sure to have this on your calendar, as it is a traditionally enjoyable event with a lot of entertaining activities.


The following Saturday, August 19, our Lodge will participate in supporting the River City Food Bank by offering time and service in the distribution of food to those less fortunate. I highly encourage you to participate. This is a very comfortable and significant way of providing service to make the life of others better. The scheduled time is 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This is a good opportunity to invite others outside our Lodge to observe some of the good work we do in our community. Can we count on you to join us in support of this?




  • Annual Past Masters Night on Sept 21

  • Constitutional Observance Night on Sept 28

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The Influence of Freemasonry on Our Founding Fathers


When examining the history of the United States and the individuals who laid the foundation for this great nation, it becomes clear that Freemasonry played a significant role in shaping the ideals and principles that guided our founding fathers. Freemasonry, a fraternal organization that promotes moral and ethical values, had a profound influence on many of the key figures of the American Revolution and the subsequent establishment of the United States.


Several of our founding fathers, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Hancock, were Freemasons. They were active members of their local lodges and held important positions within the organization. This affiliation with Freemasonry provided them with a unique network of like-minded individuals who shared a common belief in the importance of personal virtue, civic duty, and the pursuit of knowledge.


One of the fundamental tenets of Freemasonry is the belief in the inherent rights and dignity of the individual. This principle strongly resonated with our founding fathers and played a crucial role in shaping their vision for a new nation. The Masonic emphasis on equality, liberty, and justice greatly influenced the development of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. The idea that all men are created equal and possess certain unalienable rights was a core concept derived from the Masonic teachings.


Moreover, the symbolism and rituals of Freemasonry had a profound impact on the iconography and architecture of the early United States. The eye of Providence, the unfinished pyramid, and other Masonic symbols can be found in various national emblems and government buildings, such as the Great Seal of the United States and the layout of Washington, D.C. These symbols serve as a testament to the enduring influence of Freemasonry on our nation's identity.


It is important to note that while Freemasonry influenced the thinking of our founding fathers, it is not accurate to claim that the United States was founded as a purely Masonic enterprise. The principles and ideals put forth by Freemasonry were combined with other Enlightenment philosophies, classical republicanism, and a deep respect for ancient Greco-Roman ideals of democracy and civic virtue.


The influence of Freemasonry on our founding fathers cannot be understated. The fraternity's emphasis on personal morality, individual rights, and the pursuit of knowledge helped shape the ideals that laid the groundwork for the United States of America. While not the sole driving force behind the American Revolution and the establishment of our nation, Freemasonry provided an intellectual and philosophical framework that helped guide our founding fathers in their quest for independence and the creation of a democratic society.


The principles espoused by Freemasonry continue to resonate in our society today, reminding us of the importance of virtue, equality, and freedom. The legacy of the Masonic influence on our founding fathers serves as a testament to the enduring impact of fraternal organizations in shaping the course of history.




To bring a smile to you:


Question: Did you hear the one about the Liberty Bell?

Answer: Yeah, it cracked me up!


Question: Where is the Capital in Washington D.C.?

Answer: at the beginning!




Happy Independence Day!

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From the West

Matthew Mason - Senior Warden  

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As the final and highest honor in Freemasonry, the Master Mason Degree symbolizes man’s maturity through increased knowledge and wisdom. It is the culmination of all he has learned through the first degrees, including how to prepare for spiritual enlightenment through the Craft’s teachings. 


In the Third Degree, a candidate now learns to act with courage, fidelity, and devotion to the Supreme Architect. The Master Mason ritual emphasizes the immortality of man’s soul and encourages us to contemplate how this should influence our actions and decisions.


One of the more important lessons I learned in my journey was that of mortality and not to fear it. For me, it means to act always in the interest of others and what my mark on man and society will be in the end. 


During our lives, we are given chances to reflect on this. Sometimes it is because we are in deep conversation with friends and other times it is hoisted on us by life events. No matter what the reason, when it does hit, you take the time to explore what your mark will be. 


Will it be that of creating a family that will carry on your values to the next generation? Will it be people remembering your acts of charity to children or others? Will it be that you were that friend that your fellow man could lean on without question?


All of those are great admirations but is definitely not an exhaustive list. 


I encourage you to think about what you want to leave with this world. It is one of the things that make you a Mason and a quality others see in us. And the question of what that legacy it will mean for you is absolutely up to each Mason to answer. 

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From the South

Joseph Wallach - Junior Warden  

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Masonic education is the study of Masonic values, history, symbols, and myths.  It also encompasses lessons in leadership, self-improvement, and community building. 

The Grand Lodge's online educational resources help members learn more about Freemasonry and the daily business of leading a lodge.

Research lodges and organizations

Research lodges and organizations in California and worldwide hold discussions, gather and preserve Masonic information, maintain libraries, supply papers, and speakers at the request of other lodges, and provide general knowledge in the field of Masonic education.

Research lodges in California include:

Research organizations around the world include:


JULY (Support Our Veterans Month) 

• 05 Monthly Executive Committee Meeting (Zoom) Wednesday 06:30 PM

• 06 Fellowship Dinner (Banquet Room) Thursday 06:00 PM

• 06 Monthly Stated Meeting (LR1) Thursday 07:30 PM 

• 13 DARK Thursday

• 20 Grand Standard Bearer Reception (Ballroom) Thursday 05:00 PM 

• 23 DARK Thursday  

• 29 Ladies' Luncheon (Bingo & Wine Tasting) Saturday 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Officers' Checklist

AUGUST (First Responders Month)

• 01 Monthly Executive Committee Meeting (Zoom) Tuesday 06:30 PM

• 03 Fellowship Dinner (Banquet Room) Thursday 06:00 PM 

• 03 Monthly Stated Meeting (LR1) Thursday 07:30 PM 

• 10 DARK or Officers' Meeting (Club Room) Thursday  

• 12 Annual Family BBQ Picnic (Ben Ali Shrine) Saturday 12:00 PM

• 16 OSI (Officers School of Instruction) Wednesday 07:00 PM

        Topic: Advanced Stations - 1st Degree

• 17 DARK or Degree Practice (LR1) Thursday  

• 19 Charity Drive (River City Food Bank) Saturday 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

• 24 DARK or Degree Practice (LR1) Thursday  

• 31 DARK or Degree (LR1) Thursday   

Officers' Checklist

Special Event

Reception in Honor of

Worshipful Joseph K. Dongo (PM)

Grand Standard Bearer 

of the Grand Lodge of Masons in California

Thursday, July 20th

05:00 PM Social Hour

06:00 PM Dinner

07:00 PM Ceremony

RSVP by 07/13/2023

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Tri-Tip Steak | Chicken Cordon Bleu | Vegetarian
Catered by Tony’s Delicatessen & Catering

Recommended Donation:
$20.00 per Person


Please indicate your menu choice HERE
Open to Masons and Spouses/Partners
Dress Code: Business Casual
Washington Lodge No. 20

Sacramento Masonic Temple
1123 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 



JULY 2023


  • 05 Kelvin Kimball (Entered Apprentice)

  • 06 Christopher Hamilton (Marshal)

  • 07 Jon Isaacson (Past Master) 

  • 11 Robert Cole (Master Mason)

  • 13 David Kelley (Master Mason)

  • 17 Andrew Wilson (Master Mason)

  • 18 Brandon Jenkins (Junior Deacon)

  • 18 Bruce Thomas Wayne (Master Mason)

  • 18 Maury Hicks (Master Mason)

  • 18 Wesley Jackson (Master Mason)

  • 21 Richard Wilson (Past Master)

  • 23 Albert Lazare (Master Mason)

  • 23 Daniel Mueller (Entered Apprentice)

  • 29 Thomas Ansell (Master Mason)




  • 08 Dan Dailey (Past Master) (28 Years) 

  • 08 Floyd Tritt (41 Years)

  • 10 Nico Montero (9 Years)

  • 16 Mac Contreras (9 Years)

  • 22 Josh Pane (28 Years)

  • 22 Jerry Livingston-Joy (25 Years)

  • 23 Joshua Djubek (14 Years)

  • 24 Jason Sibbring (9 Years)

  • 25 David Hall (Past Master) (38 Years) 

  • 29 Alex Chompff (13 Years)

Washington Lodge No. 20 

Mission Statement
To practice and promote a way of life that binds like-minded men in a worldwide 
brotherhood that transcends all religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational differences. 

Through Masonic principles and tradition, and by the outward expression of these 
through its fellowship and compassion, Washington Lodge No.20 Free & Accepted Masons provides ways in which to serve God, family, country, neighbors, and self in an environment that contributes to the enrichment and betterment of its members, mankind, and its communities. 

Journey of Masonic Education.jpg

Journey of Masonic Education

By Michael R. Poll

"Journey of Masonic Education" takes the new or experienced Mason down the path of quality Masonic education. This book combines three of Michael R. Poll's most popular works: 


"The Particular Nature of Freemasons,"

"Living Freemasonry," and

"A Masonic Evolution."


The reader is given a look at Freemasonry's past, present, and future in a down to Earth examination of its history and teachings.


Lodge operation and current problems plaguing lodges are also examined with the goal of giving the seeking Mason solutions for discovering enlightenment in Freemasonry.




Michael R. Poll (1954 - present) is the owner of Cornerstone Book Publishers. He is a Fellow and Past President of The Masonic Society, a Fellow of the Philalethes Society, a Fellow of the Maine Lodge of Research, and a Full Member of the Texas Lodge of Research.

A New York Times Bestselling writer and publisher, he is a prolific writer, editor, and publisher of Masonic and esoteric books.


As time permits, he travels and speaks on the history of Freemasonry, with a particular focus on the early history of the Scottish Rite.

He lives in New Orleans, LA with his wife and two sons.

Purchase Book

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1. ONLINE at


Registration Required:

- Lodge Number: 20

- Your Member ID: (Ask Secretary)

- Your Last Name: (Case Sensitive)

2. ONLINE at

3. CHECK payable to:

Washington Lodge No. 20

(Mailed to 1123 J Street 95814) 

4. CASH 

(In-Person at 1123 J Street 95814)


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Washington Lodge No. 20
2023 Officers

Mauro Lara
Worshipful Master

Matthew Mason

Senior Warden

Joseph Wallach

Junior Warden

Eric Hixson (PM)


Francisco Marques (PM)


Richard Wilson (PM)


Prezell Harris

Assistant Secretary

William Workman

Senior Deacon

Brandon Jenkins

Junior Deacon

Christopher Hamilton


Kamyl Assè

Senior Steward

Patrick Fischer

Junior Steward

James Dimmitt



Martin Buff


Russell Tomas (PM)

Junior Past Master

D. Edward Entrican (PM)

Treasurer Emeritus

Jared Yoshiki (PM)

Officers' Coach

Joseph Dongo (PM)

Head Candidates' Coach

Michael Woo (PM)

Inspector 414th Masonic District

Brandon Jenkins

Board Director

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