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Greetings, Brethren.

Washington Lodge had a great month in July.

We had a fantastic Stated Meeting Dinner with over seventy guests in attendance on July 1st. The energy in the Banquet Room was truly amazing and the food was exceptional. Master Chef Bob Taylor and the Cordon Bleu team never disappoint. I could not believe the size of that Cowboy Steak!


After dinner, the Brethren headed to the Lodge Room for our first in-person business meeting of the year. The Stated Meeting was well attended and Brothers had the pleasure to welcome back our beautiful Masonic Music into the Ritual. Thank you Brother Marty Buff, Organist, for such an inspiring experience. 


On July 22nd, we hosted our Bowling with Brothers - Fellowship Night at the Country Club Lanes. Brothers and Prospects fought head-to-head for the title of WLN20 Bowling Champion! The winner of our 2021 Season was Brother Jacob Cummings! Fueled by healthy amounts of pizza and beer, Brother Cummings proved to be a fierce competitor. Followed closely by Worshipful John Knox, Brother Mac Contreras, and Candidate Brandon Jenkins. All in all, we had great fun and the fellowship was bountiful.

On the 29th, the Lodge welcomed into our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity Brother Branden Polupan.

Brother Nick Johnston sat in the East and directed a wonderful First Degree Ceremony in addition to presenting a fantastic Lecture with grace and elegance. Brother Dave Minke delivered an excellent Charge. 


We want to thank our many Visiting Brethren from Martinez Lodge No. 41, Natoma Lodge No. 64, Chico-Leland Stanford Lodge No. 111, Alameda Lodge No. 167, Antioch-Brentwood Lodge No. 175, Rio Linda Lodge No. 786, and Leeward Lodge (Hawaii). What a delightful Degree Night!


Congratulations, Brother Polupan! May your Masonic Odyssey be filled with Light and Brotherly Love. Your Coach, Worshipful Dave Cameron, is very excited about being your closest companion through your Journey.

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Our Stated Meeting for the month of August will be on Thursday, the 5th, our regular first Thursday of the month. We conduct business in the First Degree, so all Masons are eligible and welcome to attend and participate in the discussions. Only Master Masons, however, may vote on business items. We will be balloting on four (4) Applications for Degrees. We have two more Applicants under investigation and the Lodge continues to be approached by new prospects with the desire to join the Craft. 

Before the Stated Meeting, we will be gathering in the Banquet Room for dinner. Please RSVP today to This month, we are celebrating Sacramento History and Brother Wally Clark will have something amazing to share with all of you in a very special exhibition of historic items. So let's have another great turnout! 

I also would like to invite you to a First Degree on August 26th, when we will be welcoming Mr. Moises Gonzalez into the Craft. Dinner at 6:00 PM followed by the Initiation Ceremony.

For more information on our schedule of activities, please visit our 2021 CALENDAR.

This is a live document, so please expect new events to be added as we move forward, especially in terms of Charity Drives and Masonic Education. Please know that I am mindful of your interests and suggestions provided via our last survey but I am also trying very hard not to overwhelm the membership with back-to-back events. The Lodge will still be here next year and we will have much to do.


Officers are now moving through qualification sessions for their new positions. Congratulations, Brother Nick Johnston on your successful qualification for the position of Senior Warden. Brother Mauro Lara will be qualifying in August for Junior Warden. This is a lot of hard work but the Officers are fully engaged and excited about serving our Lodge next year.


Brother Russ Tomas, our Incoming Master, has been diligently working on his plans for a great year in 2022. We will have a strong line of Officers. Expect great waves of innovation and creative power!


Ask • Seek • Knock


In closing, Brethren, I would like to address this new influx of gentlemen seeking to join our Lodge. In addition to our current six (6) Applicants, we have about ten (10) Prospects in the pipeline.

The term Applicant is used for the gentlemen who have been given access to an Application for Degrees form and whose petition has been officially read and received during a Stated Meeting. The Master assigns an Investigating Committee and Grand Lodge performs a background check. Only after favorable reports are presented by Investigators to the Master, and Grand Lodge confirms a favorable background check, those Applications are presented before the Lodge for balloting.

Prospects are the men who approached our Lodge demonstrating interest in joining Freemasonry. You will find their contact information under Inquiries in our lodge roster on iMember 2.0.

Before a Prospect can become an Applicant, the Lodge expects them to attend our various functions that are open to non-Masons: Fellowship Nights, Masonic Education Programs, Stated Meeting Dinners, Degree Dinners, Volunteering Opportunities, etc. The goal here is to allow a Prospect to get to know our membership, and vice-versa, before important decisions are made by all parties involved.

The good old friends-before-brothers (FBB) approach is alive and well. When the time for balloting comes, I would like every Master Mason present to know the Applicant and be confident about how to vote. By then, the Applicant will have already made a strong connection with his future Coach as well. 

A Candidate Coach holds one of the most important positions in a Masonic Lodge. The Coach will continue to work with the Candidate through all three Degrees, ensuring the work meets or exceeds the standards laid down. Beyond the degree work, the Coach may, from time to time, work with the Brother as he begins to learn the Lectures and Charges, and prepares to join the line of Officers.

In addition to teaching and explaining the symbolism and meanings of each Degree, the Candidate Coach will introduce Lodge etiquette, take the Brother on visits to other Lodges, introduce him to neighboring Brethren and generally be there to guide and answer any questions.


Even though these learning sessions will gradually diminish, there will be a special bond formed between the two that will last a lifetime (BFF). Thus, the bond that unites us into a Sacred Band of Brothers is strengthened and Freemasonry withstands through many more Centuries to come.

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Before I jump into my article for this month, I want to let everyone know what a wonderful time we had at the Bowling with Brothers event on July 22.  It is always a joy to get together with each other outside of stated meetings and rituals.  Spending time in a social manner away from the formality of Lodge decorum serves as a reminder of why we chose to become a part of this group.


It was great to see Brothers like Worshipful John Knox bowling against (and outscoring) other Brothers like Matt Mason and candidates like Moises Gonzalez.  I had a great time conversing with brothers and candidates over some good pizza, tubes of beer, and a few games of bowling.  I like to think all in attendance share the same sentiments.


For those who were not able to make it, you missed out. Maybe you can join in another similar social event (Top Golf anyone?) An event like this shows us that no matter where, if you devote some time of that refreshment part of the 24” gauge with your fellow brethren, you will always have a great time.


As a father of two young children, I have recently started the era of organized youth sports. As a child, I didn’t think anything of it. Mom or dad drove me to practice or games. I played (tee-ball, soccer, tennis, wrestling, etc.) and went home. As a parent and more specifically as a Freemason, I wonder how my time should be divided.


Where does raising children fit on the 24” gauge of my life? Raising children definitely does not fit under “repose.” Are they a part of my “vocations?” As I reflected on this, I came to the conclusion that being a father to my children stretched across the entire gauge.

24 inch gauge.jpg


In service to God, I am raising our children with knowledge and faith.  As Miguel Guadalupe wrote in Fatherly, “I want religion to be part of my kids’ lives. But I also what them to think rationally about religion to ensure they're open to everything.”


The moment I realized I was going to be a father, I resolved that one of my main duties was to raise good people. In that spirit, I added another vocation to my “usual vocations.” Although calling it a “job” to raise children may sound reductive, it adds to the sentiment that the hours we dedicate to work are (hopefully) for our children’s benefit as well. Let’s also be honest… taking my kids to school, practices, and events is a vocation on its own.


As I mentioned earlier, raising children usually does not fit under “repose.” It does fit with refreshment. The time I share with my kids playing, exploring, and laughing are times I truly enjoy. These times normally happen in refreshment. When we’re on vacation or I am getting home from work and sitting on the couch, some of the best parts of my day are sharing those times with my family.


The 24” gauge is not a requirement to divide your life into exactly equal parts. It’s a symbol of the time we have in our lives and serves as a guide to not misuse that time.  As read in the Handbook for Candidate’s Coaches by Worshipful Donald G. Campbell, Past Grand Lecturer, Grand Lodge F.&A.M. of California, and the Committee on Ritual, “Time is the substance of life. Wisely used, carefully budgeted, it goes far and does much. Carelessly used, wasted, allowed to slip away, it becomes an expression of a useless and wasted life.” I realized that raising children was not filling in open gaps in the 24” gauge of my life. It only redefined what it meant to “divide my time.”

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This month, we have two milestone birthdays to recognize. Brother Lance Vayder will turn 60, and Brother Robert Cameron is turning 70. Congratulations to both of you on these excellent milestones. Please also help me recognize Brother Stanley Sanders, who was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason some 40 years ago in August of 1981.

The month of August features the transition from Leo to Virgo.  Virgo of course takes its name from maiden or virgin and is often depicted bearing wheat, which is illustrated by the star that comprises her left hand, Spica.  This star is the brightest in the constellation and is one of the 20 brightest in the night sky.

Some fun facts about Spica:  During World War II, the USS Spica had this star as her namesake.  She was a cargo ship used to deliver goods in the Pacific Ocean between the mainland and the then territory of Hawaii, and also to Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

If you have ever looked at the flag of Brazil, maybe you noticed one star is all by its lonesome above the band ORDEM E PROGRESSO?  That star is Spica, and is used to represent the state of Pará.

Brazilian Flag 001.jpg


Spica is also interesting because it forms an equilateral triangle with Denebola in Leo and Arcturus in Boötes.  This equilateral triangle is also called the Spring Triangle.  You can also see Spica featured in what’s called the Great Diamond of Virgo.  These star formations are called asterisms, which are prominent groupings of stars that are smaller than constellations.  These two asterisms comprise some quite breathtaking geometric shapes in the Heavens.

Of course, Virgo also traces its history back to the lore of antiquity.  In Early Greek Astronomy, the constellation Virgo was associated with Demeter. In Greece, there were secret rites known as the Eleusinian mysteries, which focused on the allegory of Demeter and the abduction of her daughter Persephone, as she is abducted by Hades and brought to the underworld.  Demeter, as the goddess of the harvest, refuses to let the earth fruit until the return of her daughter.



Persephone is eventually rescued by Hermes, but not before eating from a pomegranate in Hades. By taking this action, she is forced to return to the underworld for several months each year, which correspond to the winter months.  This story arc is well understood as one of loss, search, and redemption. 


Although they were conferred in secret, it is said that those who participated in these rites were so profoundly inspired, that they were freed from the fear of death as they were able to recognize they were immortal souls temporarily abiding in mortal bodies.

We Masons have our own sacred rites too, and the Lodge is pleased to welcome Brother Branden Polupan to our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity.  We are all so grateful to return to our ceremonies again, and over the next few months, we have quite a full schedule of additional degree conferrals. 


I look forward to seeing you there.

Briefly, August 1981 was also notable as that was the year the IBM PC was announced to the world. 


It had 16 kilobytes of random access memory and a base price of $1,565.  Naturally, we type these columns on a Personal Computer, and it is quite mind-blowing now to think about how ubiquitous they have become, and how advanced the small computers are that almost all of us routinely carry in our pockets.

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Washington Lodge No. 20 

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To practice and promote a way of life that binds like-minded men in a worldwide 
brotherhood that transcends all religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational differences. 

Through Masonic principles and tradition, and by the outward expression of these 
through its fellowship and compassion, Washington Lodge No.20 Free & Accepted Masons provides ways in which to serve God, family, country, neighbors, and self in an environment that contributes to the enrichment and betterment of its members, mankind, and its communities. 

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Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes

75th Anniversary Illustrated Edition

by Edith Hamilton (Author) and Jim Tierney (Artist)


This 75th-anniversary edition of a classic bestseller is stunningly illustrated and designed to enchant fans of Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology at all ages.

Since its original publication by Little, Brown, and Company in 1942, Edith Hamilton's Mythology has sold millions of copies throughout the world and established itself as a perennial bestseller.

For more than seven decades readers have chosen this book above all others to discover the enchanting world of mythology -- from Odysseus's adventure-filled journey to the Norse god Odin's effort to postpone the final day of doom. This deluxe, hardcover edition is fully illustrated throughout with all-new, specially commissioned art, making it a true collector's item.

About the Author

Edith Hamilton (1868-1963) was born of American parents in Dresden, Germany, and grew up in Indiana. Through the first quarter of the twentieth century, she was the headmistress of the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore. Upon retiring, she began to write about the civilizations of the ancient world and soon gained world renown as a classicist. Her celebrated and bestselling books include Mythology, The Greek Way, The Roman Way, and The Echo of Greece. She regarded as the high point of her life a 1957 ceremony in which King Paul of Greece named her an honorary citizen of Athens.



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Since July 2020, thousands of California Freemasons have already begun to access their portals in iMember 2.0, the new membership platform—one of the highest adoption rates of any grand lodge jurisdiction on the system. Yet with so many new features just a finger-swipe away—and many more being prepped for launch this fall—there are still lots of questions left to be answered, starting with some of the most basic.

How to Get to iMember 2.0

iMember 2.0 is designed to work on any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection. Simply visit or and click the FOR MEMBERS button in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. If you haven’t logged on yet, you’ll need to create an account, so have your email address, membership number, and a unique password ready to go. 

You Can Download iMember 2.0 on Your Phone

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can add a home screen shortcut to access iMember 2.0 quickly and easily. To install, use your web browser to visit the site, and select “Add to home screen.”


The exact placement of the button will depend on your web browser (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox). 

More Features in the Works

• Digital Dues, Reminders and Payment Plans
• Expanded Social Networks with App Notifications
• New Ways to Share Resources
• One-Stop Shop for Hall Associations
• Keeping Track of Attendance

iMember 2.0 is available to all Masons in California! 

For questions on iMember 2.0, contact Member Services at (415) 292-9180 or 

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