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Thirty-three (33) Lodge Members submitted their feedback in April 2021.

The percentage of votes below reflects their opinion.

If you would like to take the survey now, please click HERE.



RED TIER Maximum of 100 people (Proof of Vaccination or COVID Test Required)

ORANGE TIER Maximum of 150 people (Proof of Vaccination or COVID Test Required)

GREEN TIER Possibly no restrictions after June 15th - except, perhaps, facemasks.

Washington Lodge is now allowed to resume in-person meetings and events - Stated, Degrees, Dinners, etc. - but with limitations:

• Attendees must wear facemask at all times - except while eating or drinking
• Must present COVID vaccination card with all required doses received or a negative COVID test (no older than 72 hours)
• Attendees without the required documentation are NOT admitted to the event

On June 15th, if certain criteria are met, California may remove some - if not all - restrictions for indoor events.


Q1. Considering the information above, what date would you like to recommend for our first in-person Stated Meeting?

18.18% ... May 6th
21.21% ... June 3rd
18.18% ... July 1st
33.33% ... None. Let's revisit this topic after June 15th
  0.00% ... Prefer not to answer

9.09% ... Other:

1. "The sooner we can safely reopen for degree conferral may be our target date."

2. "Flexible"

3. "Any time after all restrictions of “proof” has lifted."

Any additional comments?

1. "We will not be home till July 1"

2. "I think waiting till restrictions are lifted or probably the best time to meet for the purpose of those that don't agree with getting vaccinated or wearing a mask"

3. "I disagree with all the above policy. I think it’s a direct infringement on my writes as a sovereign citizen of the constitutional United States of America, and as a human being. I don’t believe in wearing facemasks it’s unhealthy I don’t believe in vaccines for something that’s akin to the common cold, and had natural methods of cure therefore relinquishing any need for a “test trial” vaccine that is unhealthy and dangerous. I don’t believe in social distancing I think people need a hug and shake hands and be people. Anybody with half a brain can realize that this “plandemic” has been politically hijacked for the bad of the American people. I personally will not play into the propaganda that the main stream media pushes . I apologize, though even if it’s with the Masonic fraternity I for one am actually quite disappointed that fraternity is even going along with all of this."

4. "I would like to see the guidance released on June 15th before setting a date. If the vaccine/test requirement is removed I am ready to be back in lodge with my Brothers in July."

5. "Remaining virtual in May would allow discussing the protocols with the membership at large and answering any questions. Officers should use the other May Thursdays to practice ritual for degrees in June."

6. "I just wanted to see the survey."

7. "Looking forward to Bob, Wally and Eric's cooking!"

8. "With a Dinner"

9. "I only say July first with the idea the governor may be hard pressed if the JnJ vaccine is not brought back online in the coming weeks. There is a possibility the state doesn’t hit the fax goals. Plus April 15th everyone 18 and older was allowed to get the vaccine. Assuming you got the vaccine on the 15th, and the available shots requiring 2 doses a month a part, your first available full vaccine participant wouldn’t be eligible until after June 1st. Seeing as vaccine quantities may vary, it’s like most everyone won’t be able to get both doses before July. That is why I suggested July 1."

* * *


RED TIER Maximum of 50 people (No Proof of Vaccination Required)

ORANGE TIER Maximum of 100 people (No Proof of Vaccination Required)

GREEN TIER Possibly no restrictions after June 15th

Washington Lodge may be hosting at least three (3) outdoor events in 2021.

Q2. Please select any outdoor event you would like to attend:

38.46% ... Saturday, May 29th - Annual Family BBQ Picnic (Ben Ali Shrine Center) Est. Max. Temp. 85º
23.08% ... Saturday, September 25th - Multi-Lodge Event: Homeless School Children Awareness (Stone Creek Community Park) Est. Max. Temp. 86º
32.31% ... Saturday, October 16th - Outdoor First Degree (Masonic Home at Union City) Transportation Provided - Est. Max. Temp. 72º

Any events you would like to suggest?

1. "Past Masters 3rd Degree in Sept"

2. "Italian Hot Rod Assn Car Show at Ben Ali. Bob Taylor’s food."

3. "Lodge only event"

Any additional comments?

1. "I most likely won't attend any of them"

2. "I’m flexible and will be happy to attend events as schedule permits, although I have no plans for the summer yet."

3. "Any time after all restrictions of “proof” has lifted."

* * *

Q3. About COVID vaccination:

47.06% ... I am fully vaccinated
23.53% ... I will be fully vaccinated within a few days or weeks
  8.82% ... I may get a vaccine but not quite yet
  8.82% ... I will NOT get vaccinated
  5.88% ... Prefer not to answer

  5.88% ... Other (Please specify)

1. "I expect to get my vaccination but have not been scheduled as of yet."

2. "I may not get a vaccine. I have not decided yet."

Any additional comments?

1. "I think the card may be unnecessary as a Mason’s word should be enough."

2. "I will not be a part of the experimental shot."

* * *

Q4. About testing for COVID:

60.61% ... I would get tested if required for attending a Lodge event
18.8% ... I will not get tested
6.06% ... Prefer not to answer

15.15% ... Other (Please specify)

1. "I’ve had my shots!"

2. "Depends upon what is involved with testing"

3. "Vaccinated"

4. "Already vaccinated"

5. "Already got the shots."

Any additional comments?

1. "I’m flexible but logistics for testing can be challenging"

* * *

Q5. About wearing facemasks:

87.88% ... I would wear a facemask if required for attending a Lodge event
  9.09% ... I will not wear a facemask
  3.03% ... Prefer not to answer
  0.00% ... Other (Please specify)

Any additional comments?

1. "Face masks are stupid! People that are uncomfortable can stay home! Personal choice! Freedom!"

* * *


Grand Master Arthur Weiss is currently working with the Ritual Committee to explore new technology for a hybrid Masonic event: In-person Stated and Special Meetings with a video call option.

Members would be allowed to participate via video call in meetings being held in the lodge room. 

Q6. What is your pleasure?

42.42% ... I like it. I would join a video call if I am not able to be there in person.

21.21% ... I would agree but for dispatch of business only - no esoteric work online, please.

18.18% ... No, thanks. If my Brothers are in the lodge room, that's where I want to be - even if a video call is available.

18.18% ... Absolutely not. This "hybrid" option should never exist.

  0.00% ... Other (Please specify)


Any additional comments?

1. "Again, flexible - the Craft adapts to the times."


Grand Master's Reopening Directive dated April 13, 2021

Reopening Guidance for Lodges and Halls and Site-Specific Plan Template

Site-Specific Plan Template in Word format

Frequently Asked Questions about Reopening Masonic Meetings and Events

(This page was last updated at 1000h on 04/29/2021)

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