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2020-2021 SURVEY

Twenty-six (26) Masters and Past Masters - including our 2021 Line of Officers - submitted their feedback in October 2020.

The percentage of votes below reflects their opinion.

After the Annual Election of Officers, this survey will be extended to the rest of the membership.

If you would like to take the survey now, please click HERE.

Q1. In your opinion, what activities, functions, or programs would generate more membership engagement?

76.9% … Masonic Education (Club Room)

65.4% … Game Nights (Club Room) (Poker, Pool, etc.)

61.5% … Family Social Events (BBQ, Picnic, etc.)

61.5% ... Jointly with Other Masonic Lodges

61.5% … Movie Nights (Club Room) 

61.5% ... Cultural Events (Museum, Orchestra, Opera, etc.)

53.8% … Sporting Events (Social Outing to the Game)

46.2% … Masonic Education (Online)

46.2% ... Community Outreach / Volunteering / Philanthropy

46.2% … Movie Nights (Movie Theater)

46.2% ... Outdoor Activities (Camping, Hiking, etc.)

46.2% … Brothers-Only Events

46.2% ... Jointly with Other Masonic Organizations (York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shriners, etc.)

46.2% … Outdoor Degrees

42.3% … Leadership Development Sessions

39.6% … Sporting Events (As a Player)

39.6% ... Masons & Spouses (Couples-Only) Events

26.9% … Places of Interest – Sightseeing

26.9% ... Jointly with Youth Orders


"We could have dinners, go to movies, camping at beach, the guys would go cycling or see sci-fi.”

​“Boating, fishing, car racing, bike riding, ritual jeopardy with teams or lodges”

“Let’s put our heads together and come up with something” 

“I personally like cultural events, but I'm not sure if it would resonate with the membership at large. I think degrees with other lodges would generate interest, particularly if it's a new experience in a unique location, or with different ritual elements such as language”

What activities would your SPOUSE be looking forward to attending or participating in?

65.4% … Special Dining (Restaurant)

53.8% … Wine Tasting

42.3% … Roaring 20's - Annual Ladies' Night (11/06/2021)

42.3% … Family Social Events (BBQ, Picnic, etc.)

42.3% … Cultural Events (Museum, Orchestra, Opera, etc.)

42.3% … Group Class (Pottery, Painting, Cooking, etc.)

34.6% … Masons & Spouses (Couples-Only) Events

34.6% … Movie Nights (Movie Theater)

34.6% … Places of Interest – Sightseeing

26.9% … Volunteering

26.9% … Movie Nights (Club Room)

26.9% … Outdoor Activities (Camping, Hiking, etc.)

26.9% … Game Nights (Club Room) (Poker, Pool, etc.)

19.2% … Annual Ladies' Luncheon (02/20/2021)

11.5% … Ladies-Only Activities 

11.5% … Sporting Events (Social Outing to the Games) + Mindfulness (Meditation, Yoga, etc.)

03.8% … Sporting Events - As a Team Player (Softball, Volleyball, etc.)



“Our biggest strength is the venue of the Masonic Temple, but there are times we rely on it a little too much. I love the idea of special dining at a restaurant. That would break things up a bit nicely. Yes, that will increase costs substantially, but if we do it in a select way I think it will really spice things up and people would be willing to pay, especially if we went somewhere really nice.”

How about WLN20.ORG for our website?


60.0% … Love it! Short, catchy, looks better on social media…

33.3% … No preference.

06.7% … Keep


Would you install this license-plate-frame on your vehicle?


46.7% … Oh, yes! Gimme one...

26.7% … Nah... I'll pass.

26.6% … Make it two, please!

73.3% ... Yes

26.6% ... No

Would you like to serve our Lodge in any other capacity?


65.4% … Investigator (Pretend this is optional)

34.6% … Event Planner

34.6% … Maintenance (Paraphernalia Repair, etc.)

26.9% … Community Outreach (Philanthropy)

26.9% … Light Saber Instructor

19.2% … Educational Speaker

19.2% … Driver (Picking Up Older Brothers)

19.2% … Event Photographer (Social Media)

19.2% … Public Relations & Social Media

19.2% … Communications (Trestle Board, Phone Tree, etc.)

Other: "Historian"

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